We’re here to help you, but when given the opportunity, we’re more than happy to blow our own trumpets a little…

The primary focus is to develop software solutions which work in the real world and have a genuine, lasting benefit for our customers.

  • Our profits lay in ensuring we maximize yours…

    We are currently the only competitive pricing intelligence solution with offices in Australia, meaning we can combine our expert technical capabilities and digital monetization strategies with a real understanding of what it takes to be a successful retailer in Australia.

    Our customers can only benefit from the vast experience we have in online retail – so every development and innovation we make is guaranteed to be worth its weight in gold.

    The Pentagon service is owned and operated by Innovotech Labs, which was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in October 2012.

    Our head offices remain in Melbourne and we also have a research and development centre in Taiwan.

    We are a highly skilled and vastly experienced team of developers, data scientists, software engineers and online retailers.

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  • Anfernee Chang


    Anfernee might have youth on his side but with the vast amounts of experience he has in digital marketing and online retail pricing, the company’s co-founder is certainly a wise old head on young shoulders.

    Anfernee successfully founded and launched  one of the largest online retailers of baby care products in Australia – and he’s now focussing his attentions on turning Innovotech Labs into a world class leader in providing best in class solutions for online retailers.

    Norman Lin


    As an ecommerce operation expert, Norman will be using his vast knowledge to achieve similar standards of excellence with Innovotech.

    Norman loves his golf and if he’s not hard at work in the office, he can generally be found swinging his clubs on the golf course, or his arms at a party!

    Chia-Chi Chang

    Chief Data Scientist

    Our CTO, Chia-Chi is a mad scientist with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing, web mining and software development.

    Chia-Chi is an expert at understanding the incomprehensible. If you’ve got a complex mathematical algorithm keeping you awake at night, Chia-Chi will happily keep you awake all day too, while he explains the solution down to the finest detail.

    But when everyone else in the team has hit a mathematical dead-end – we know we can always rely on Chia-Chi to swiftly find the solution.

    Titan Lin

    Chief Technology Officer

    “Think positive and smile to everybody!” – That’s the motto of our Chief Technology Officer, Titan Lin.

    With a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, from top Taiwan university, Chiao Tung – Titan is a hugely important and highly valued member of the team.

    …Even if he is smiling all the time!

  • Headquarter

    Innovotech Labs Pty. Ltd.
    A.C.N. 162 980 707

    3 Pleasant Ave.
    Kew VIC 3101

    R & D Centre

    Innovotech Labs. Co.
    Suite 2, 7th Floor
    91 Huayin St.
    Taipei City


    What Pentagon can do for your business

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