We’re here to help you, but when given the opportunity, we’re more than happy to blow our own trumpets a little…

The primary focus is to develop software solutions which work in the real world and have a genuine, lasting benefit for our customers.


Norman Lin


As an ecommerce operation expert, Norman will be using his vast knowledge to achieve similar standards of excellence with Innovotech.


Chia-Chi Chang

Chief Data Scientist

Our CTO, Chia-Chi is a mad scientist with extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing, web mining and software development.

Chia-Chi is an expert at understanding the incomprehensible. If you’ve got a complex mathematical algorithm keeping you awake at night, Chia-Chi will happily keep you awake all day too, while he explains the solution down to the finest detail.

But when everyone else in the team has hit a mathematical dead-end – we know we can always rely on Chia-Chi to swiftly find the solution.


Titan Lin

Chief Technology Officer

“Think positive and smile to everybody!” – That’s the motto of our Chief Technology Officer, Titan Lin.

With a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering, from top Taiwan university, Chiao Tung – Titan is a hugely important and highly valued member of the team.

…Even if he is smiling all the time!


Nick Raithel

Inbound Marketing Strategist

A former technology journalist, Nick now handles Pentagon’s content needs. In doing so, he employs a variety of media to expand the company’s reach, educate aspiring entrepreneurs, and form meaningful connections with other start-ups.