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Competitor analysis– empowering your pricing strategies

With Pentagon, you won’t need to spend time trying to work out who your competitors are.


The process of identifying competitors across your entire industry landscape is fully automated – meaning your business can take full advantage of having the most up-to-date and fully comprehensive pricing data on the market

Unlimited competitors

Unlike others we won’t limit your options. For just one price you’ll have product and classification access to your entire competitive landscape.

Go head-to-head

Discover who are your closest competitors and use the data to position yourself exactly where you want to be in the market.

Get the inside knowledge

Know everything there is to know about your competitors’ target keywords, web traffic, pricing and categorical pricing distribution. We’ll leave no stone unturned.

Keep your finger on the pricing pulse

Pentagon never sleeps – meaning that pricing data is being gathered every second of every day. If anything happens in your competitive landscape, you’ll know about it – fast. Armed with the most up-to-date pricing information in the industry, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

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