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Forget about spending all your time monitoring competitors’ prices and fighting to stay ahead of the curve. Pentagon’s revolutionary new pricing intelligence means you can relax.
All the data you need is right there at your fingertips – so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Product pricing monitor – our time is on your side

Keeping track of product pricing across the competitive landscape can feel like you’re permanently chasing your tail. With Pentagon, you’ll be more like a dog with a bone. We’ll deliver instant price analysis for every product you sell – so you’ll always know where your prices are, in relation to competitors. Pentagon cuts out all those hours of time-consuming calculations and manual searching.


Aim high (and low!)

Your prices can be too high and too low. If they’re too high you will quickly lose sales. If they’re too low you’ll be missing out on valuable margins. Pentagon’s Competitive Pricing Board will quickly identify which of your product prices need to be changed.

Know your history

Pentagon’s historical pricing intelligence means you can instantly view historical pricing data for a particular product and keep your trending analysis fully informed and highly effective. You’ll even have historical data for your competitors’ prices – so you can turn a historical advantage into one for the future too.

Take stock

Pentagon delivers a real-time stock status for your competitors – so you’ll always be the first to spot opportunities and take advantage of stocking information.

Sales & Promotions

When a competitor puts on a temporary sale or special promotion, you’ll need to know about it. Pentagon keeps track of all your competitors’ promotional pricing activities, meaning you can make an educated decision on your own product pricing.

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